Cheryll’s Story, Part 1

My sister Cheryll
My sister Cheryll

I invited my sister to tell her story today.  I hope it brings awareness to breast cancer.

“I went for my annual mammogram which this year turned out to be a 20 month wait from my previous mammogram. I was blindsided, I was sitting in the little waiting room area and was talking to a wonderful, sweet spirited women that was in a wheel chair and she told me  that she had breast cancer 5 times. She was hoping today that her mammogram would come back clear so that she would not have to go through this again. Well, I of course said that I agreed with her and said I would pray for her so that she wouldn’t have to go through all this again and all of a sudden my name was called.

I said, “Well it looks like now I have to go see what’s happening with me!” She wished me well.  I stepped into the radiologist’s office and she was sitting in front of a computer and a screen that was huge. My images were on the screen. She asked me to sit down and mentioned that these were my results from today and she said, “Here is a cluster and it is very suspicious!!” There it was, bam, right between the eyes. I sure didn’t see this coming. I was waiting for the “All is good” news you can get dressed and see you next year and now I hear, “you are going to need to go get a biopsy because it doesn’t look right”.

I said, :NO!, No, No, just No” I was shaking my head no and she said, “What do you mean, No?! “Listen this is a cluster. This is not a little round dot like you see here or another one over here. This dot you had here has grown into little shards. See these?” She pointed out the elongated specs and I could see that she was right. She knew what she was looking at. I just kept saying, ” No, no, and no” She said, “Look if you were my sister, I would tell you that you need to go right away for the biopsy. I am going to have my head nurse talk to you to let you know what the procedures are.”

Her nurse greeted me and took me in her office and we set up the biopsy.  There were weight issue’s with me in regards to the table and I had to drop a few pounds for the safety of others and myself. I understood and walked out in a daze. I called my sister about 3 weeks later to bring her up to speed on what was happening up to this point. She had reassuring words for me and said she would be praying for me. She really opened up to me about her situation, which was the first time I had any information about what she went through.  I was glad for the talk and the information, I needed her and was glad to have her input.  I dropped weight and scheduled the biopsy 7 weeks later and had the procedure done in their office.” Cheryll

The rest of Cheryll’s story will be published Thursday.  I want to encourage woman everywhere to schedule and follow through with their yearly mammograms and other health screenings.  Early detection saves lives.

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Be Blessed.


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