What Would I Do Again? (A Mother’s Day Reflection)


What I would do again ?

My house is usually quiet now.  For the most part, it stays clean.

My girls are grown and married. They have their own lives.

I miss the noise and the busy days. For the moms who are in the middle of busy schedules, loads of laundry, dirty houses and noisy moments, don’t wish your time away.  Your children are only young once. Time goes by so fast.  One day your children will be 27 and 23 with lives and children of their own. I encourage you to start traditions and treasure every minute.  That would be my best advice.

Here are some of the traditions and fun times that we had.

Some of the best memories were when the kids were on Christmas break. We would get a new board game. Every year when the kids were off from school,  we would pick a day or two and  stay in our pajamas and would play Monopoly, Clue or maybe do a puzzle all day. I think Clue was considered our family favorite. We would act like real detectives. It was during the time when the T.V. show CSI had just started and we would hold our cards close to us like it really mattered what clues we had written down. We would put on sunglasses so other players couldn’t  look in our eyes and tell if we had the card or not. So we really, really had a lot of fun with that.  I miss that.

I had only girls so we would have a women’s day and celebrate milestones in their lives. For example, when my girls started shaving their legs, we would have a day and just veg-out, shave our legs and just take care of ourselves.  In those days, I couldn’t afford pedicures for both of them and we weren’t really into that, but that would be a  good idea for women’s day.

My favorite was a tradition I started  when Kelsey was just a baby.

When Kelsey woke up on her 1st birthday, her room was filled with balloons. Literally, everywhere she looked balloons, balloons, balloons.  I just took thirty or forty of them and blew them up the night before her birthday. After she fell asleep, I went in her room and put the balloons everywhere. As the girls got older, I bought a bouquet of balloons and hid them in the house. When they fell asleep at night, I went into their rooms and put the balloons in a prominent place. As long as my girls were home, they woke up with balloons in their room on their special day.  I would so do that again.

What I Would Do Again?

I would write their Christmas letters, but I would start it sooner.  I didn’t start that until they were 8 and 12 but I wrote them a Christmas letter with four different parts to it.

First of all, I told them how beautiful they were.  I wanted to make sure they knew that their inner beauty far outweighed anything that their physical beauty would bring them in life.

I had a paragraph that told them who their friends were and who their best friend was during that year.

Also, I had a paragraph that included academics and sports. When they went  to high school, they  were both volleyball and softball athletes so they did receive different awards like Most Valuable, and Coaches Awards.   I would explain all they had achieved that year.

Finally, I had a paragraph about, boys, boys, boys and if they had boyfriends that year, I would go through all the boyfriends, the relationships, break-ups and possible break-ups. At the end of that paragraph,  I would always remind that the most important relationship was the one with their daddy.  They were blessed to have a dad who was present and active in their lives.  I would definitely do that again.

So as I have written this article I realize that as a mommy just trying to do my best, I have far more that I would do again then I would do differently and I am really pleased with that, really pleased.

What would I do again? ALL of it.

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Be blessed.


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