Where Did My Eyelashes Go?

Not My Eyelashes...
Not My Eyelashes…

“Where did my eyelashes go?” I literally said this out loud just last week.  I was getting ready to meet one of my Origami Owl Jewelry Bars (party) hostesses and set up her party.  I was putting on my mascara and when I got to my right eye, I had a clump of eyelashes missing.  Obviously, the picture is not of me.

With all of the help for breast cancer survivors, why isn’t anyone concerned about eyelashes? As I have noticed over the 5 years since chemo, my eyebrows have thinned out, too. I see all of these tips in magazines for making your eyebrows and eyelashes fuller but what if you don’t have much to work with?

I remember being so self-conscious when my eyelashes fell out during chemo. After my 4th round of Red Devil Chemo, (Adriamycin), my eyelashes were gone and I did my best to compensate with eyeliner. I wore glasses so it wasn’t incredibly noticeable but I knew it.  I am 5 years out from that beast of a chemo (Red Devil) and thankful to be here.

Okay…my view/opinion about breast cancer… the very hormone, estrogen, that defines you as a woman ends up globbing together with other estrogen cells to become breast cancer. So the very hormone that makes you a woman, trys to kill you, and the treatment robs you of your hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and so much more. I hope you can infer that I find this entire concept, hideous, outrageous and unacceptable. However, I can’t change that so I will only give it this small paragraph.

Just wondering…we have the option to cover our scares with tattoos and some tattoo artist provide that service for free.  We’ve come a long way.

Just what about eyelashes and eyebrows. Can’t somebody help? Would a company step up and donate services to breast cancer survivors to donate eyelashes and free makeovers at least once a month?

Maybe, we will find a solution before someone else asks, ‘Where did my eyelashes go?”

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Be Blessed.


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