Do You Evaluate Life Goals?


Do you take time to evaluate life goals? April is a great month to evaluate the goals you made in January. Below is my post listing my goals for 2015 with an assessment after each goal.

2015 will hold many more firsts...some I don’t even know about.  My goal, not resolution, is very basic. My goal is to be healthy: body, mind and soul.

Body…I have been eating clean since July 1, 2014.  I have room for improvement in this area.  I am walking my first 5K, Race For A Cure, this month.  I hope to walk many 5K’s for different causes in 2015.  This time, I walk for all who are fighting breast cancer.  I walk to celebrate all survivors and to remember those who lost their battle to this horrible disease. It will be the first time that I will be recognized as a survivor.

  • Assessment of goal #1 BODY…
  • I did complete the 5K for Race For A Cure and received a ‘survivor’ shirt .
  • I did not realize that the survivors wore a different color shirt.  It was a very emotional day.  Complete strangers were cheering us on as we walked and after we crossed the finish line.  It was truly and amazing experience. I walked for all who are fighting breast cancer.  I walked to celebrate all survivors and to remember those who lost their battle to this horrible disease.
  • Below is a picture of my survivor shirt and medal.
  • Survivor shirt and survivor medal for completing 5K.

Mind…I want to continue to fill my life with positive influences and have the courage to leave the negative influences behind.  The words you speak over your life are very telling.  When my girls were little, I would speak into them positive statements..

  • when you go to college…not if you go to college
  • when you get a car…not if you get a car
  • God has your plan…don’t worry
  • also, you could be president if you wanted to…

The world was open to them.

  • Assessment of goal #2 MIND….
  • I have let go of negative relationships and only nuture positive relationships.  A sense of freedom comes when you surround yourself with positive influences.

Soul…For me, this is my most important area.  I want to spend more time in my devotions seeking God’s direction. I want peaceful relationships with those in my inner circle.  Finally after 3 years, I am making progress toward peace with my dad’s death.  I was going to go see him on Saturday but he died on Monday.  I missed my opportunity. (This also comes under ‘mind’) For me, my soul still aches from that decision but I know he is in heaven.

  • Assessment of goal #3 SOUL…
  • I continue to find opportunities to improve. I continue to seek God and his perfect will for my life.  I still miss my dad and things don’t get easier but I become more thankful for the time that I was given with him.

Take pride in how far you’ve come and have faith in how far you can go. In all of life’s craziness, remember to enjoy the journey.

April is a great month to evaluate your progress on life goals for 2015. 

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Be Blessed.


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