Warning: Not for the faint of heart

It was a normal Wednesday morning I was watching my two youngest grandchildren. Had a little bump in the road this week as you can see by the picture below I fell and broke my wrist.


I will try my best to continue to blog on Monday’s and Thursday’s.  All prayers are appreciated.

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (2)

On the bright side, at this time I do not need surgery.  It’s just going to slow me down a little bit which might be good for me.

Remember to enjoy the journey wherever it may take you.

I invite you to join me at www.Facebook.com/laurasjourneyofhope.

Be blessed.


2 thoughts on “Warning: Not for the faint of heart”

  1. Just finished time in prayer and was checking Facebook and decided to read your blog! I was blown away at your journey. God is so faithful…and I was touched by your writing. Thankful for His healing power evident in your life…your deep walk with Him. We are both a long way from the carefree life we led in high school. I haven’t faced a diagnosis like that, but was a young widow at 23 with a baby. Each battle makes us stronger. You are an inspiration for so many! I will be going back in your archives to read more. Tonight, I’m thankful to know that we share this sisterhood in Christ! ❤️

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