Walking With Madison

I found this poem online…’Walking With Grandma”.

Walking With Grandma

I read that poem in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. Words were racing around in my head and I typed this next poem for Madison, my granddaughter.

The day my life changed.
The day my life changed.

Walking with Madison

I’m so blessed you see.

To spend time with her,

Just Madison and me.

Walking with Madison…

Every detail she finds.

She exhibits her youth

With an inquiring mind.

Walking with Madison…

I treasure these days.

She reminds me of her mom

In so many ways.

Walking with Madison…

Profound empathy she shows.

A kind heart and beauty

But she doesn’t even know.

I treasure our walks

And enthusiastic talks.

She changed the world I see.

Just Madison and me.

Look Meme, we match!
Look Meme, we match!
Pure joy!
Pure joy!

After cancer, I take nothing for granted.  Every day I have with my family and friends is valued.  I figure I am here on this earth and it must be for a reason.  I live each day with purpose. I thank God that I am here today! So instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself and wondering why…I choose to LIVE!

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Be Blessed.


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