We Danced In The Rain

The day Paige found 'the dress'.
The day Paige found ‘the dress’.

In the middle of my chemo treatments, my eldest daughter, Paige got engaged to be married.  It was a very exciting distraction in the middle of the chaos.

Wedding Plans Begin

Before we knew it, we found ourselves in the middle of June and I was recovering from two surgeries.  I was not working due to the surgeries and Paige had a few days off from work.  We were determined to plan the wedding.

Paige found a dress in the spring and that detail was already taken care of.  All she needed to do now was to arrange for alterations.  She was getting married in January 2010 and her wedding colors were navy and white.  We added a splash of silver to the invitations and the wedding favors.

The challenge was to find a venue large enough for 300 guests.  The maximum capacity of the wedding chapel was 300.  The guest lists needed to be adjusted to meet that number.  We made several phone calls and talked to many friends for recommendations for flowers, photographers and invitations.  After we narrowed down our list, we began to schedule appointments.

In 3 days, we visited and secured the chapel, reception venue, florist, linens, invitations, photographer and the cake.  Deposits were made and all we had left to do was to work on the other details: favors, music, programs and menu cards.

Road Trip

The most memorable trip was when Paige drove me 67 miles to the company that would supply and set up the linens.  With surgical drains in place and the special wrap that resembled a tight tube top to hold the drains in place, I gingerly got in and out of her car.  I put on my make up and favorite wig and we set out to find the linens distributor.  We put the address in the GPS and off we went.  It began to rain so hard that we could barely see the road and it felt like she hit every pothole on the road.  With each bump, I had pain in each side where the surgical drains were held by a couple of stitches.  We got lost, we laughed and had the best time.  Eventually, we found the linen vendor and we were able to make all of the arrangements in one trip.  We literally were ‘dancing in the rain’.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s learning to dance in the rain.”

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Be Blessed!

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