Celebrating Kelsey

Second Taxol/Herceptin Treatment

Spring Break was over and it was back to reality.  The second Taxol and Herceptin was scheduled for Tuesday, April 7th, the first Tuesday back at school.  This time, I was prepared to ask the doctor for pain medication.  I was trying to work through chemo but I remembered what my first chemo nurse told me.  He said, “Laura, you don’t need to try to be a hero.” I didn’t need to prove how brave I was so I got my pain meds.  There was no nausea with Taxol, for me at least, but the body pain was indescribable.  The only way that I can think to explain it is that every cell in my skin hurt and that it felt like someone was peeling my skin off.

I tried to change my chemo treatments to Wednesdays so the side effects wouldn’t kick in until Saturdays but Dr. Wonderful, Hematologist-Oncologist, would only move it from Mondays to Tuesdays because I was already off of the schedule due to the unexpected week in the hospital.

Celebrating Kelsey

After chemo, I went home and got ready to go to the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony where they were honoring the top 20 students for the highest grade point averages (GPA).  My youngest daughter, Kelsey, was being recognized for being fifth in the senior class that had at least 450 students. Super amazing!! She was a Senior that year and was taking five Advanced Placement (AP) classes, helping around the house and dealing with my illness.  She was so brave and never told me all that she was going through until five years later when I asked her to journal how she felt during that period in our lives.  I never realized the toll it took on her. I was so thankful to be able to attend the awards.  Doug and I sat in the back right corner of the high school auditorium.  I couldn’t be more proud.  That night we celebrated Kelsey Brooke Starner.

Kelsey's Senior Picture
Kelsey’s Senior Picture

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Be Blessed.

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